Corporate Responsibility


CalMentor graduation ceremony with Towill and protégée firm McPheeters & Associates

Towill is proud to be a Caltrans District 6 graduated mentor for the CalMentor Program, as shown with the District 6 Steering Committee and protégé small business firm McPheeters & Associates.

Towill fosters both personal and corporate responsibility in our profession and in our community. We look for ways to increase social awareness and civic responsibility. Additionally, we continually develop strategies that provide quality service; but also that help to preserve our environment.

Towill personnel are dedicated to practicing sustainability. We believe that sustainability should be a way of life, not only for our employees, but also as a philosophy to promote to clients, potential clients, subconsultants, and our communities. Our company and employees believe conservation of natural resources is an important issue, and we provide our services in a way that reduces the impact that our company has on resources and the environment. Our employees are asked to utilize the three Rs in their work and home environment: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle.

Towill actively encourages our employees to participate in activities and organizations that give back to communities, benefit our world, and provide health and well-being to the local and global infrastructure.

  • We participate in activities and organizations that help feed the homeless, provide games and activities for children’s hospitals, and rebuild communities after disasters
  • We match the contributions of our employees to many charitable causes—as a guideline, donations are matched to those organizations that are graded C+ or better by CharityWatch (American Institute of Philanthropy)
  • We encourage our employees to participate in knowledge and skill-based causes where they can use their professional skills, such as Engineers Without Borders and Habitat for Humanity
  • We mentor student interns each year, as well as work with organizations that promote math and science education
  • We partner with multiple small and disadvantaged businesses to help them grow and prosper, including mentoring multiple protégé firms under the Caltrans Calmentor Program